About Me

Jessie Janik

As long as I can remember, I have always loved glass art. My husband, who noticed this about me, found a way for me to learn more about the craft several years ago by purchasing hot glass lessons for me at a local well respected studio. Since then, glass art has become a strong passion for me as there are endless possibilities to engage not only the imagination but also scientific application of physics and chemistry in the production process. 

Much of my art begins in my home studio with the use of a kiln or torch. Some of my pieces also find completion in my home kiln, while others make their way back to the hot glass studio where I rent space to include them in my blown glass art.

I am also a classically trained musician who specializes in bassoon and composition. As a  musician, I've learned that performing and listening to a performance are never the same twice; for example the air conditioning might turn on or another person might cough at a different part than the performance of the same piece the previous night. My approach to glass creation is the same because every time you view the same piece of glass, light will refract or reflections will appear differently depending on the room, where people or objects are placed, how the light is entering the room or if near a window, what the weather is like outside. I find both forms of art to be satisfying to the ever changing human experience.

I live in Illinois with my amazing husband Robin and our two sweet rabbits, Scrambles and Poe.