If you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !
Please contact me anytime! I always try to answer within 48 hours.
 I do take orders to create items. If you are requesting for me to create something similar to what I have in my portfolio or Facebook store, please describe the item or items in detail in your message and note any change requests (color, size, etc.). I will contact you to discuss price and to make sure I understand the order.

For large orders, such as several centerpieces for an event, such as a wedding or accent pieces for an office space, please contact me at least 8 weeks before the date you will need the items.

For orders of a single large item, please allow at least 3 weeks before the date which you will need the item.

For jewelry requests, please allow 1-3 weeks depending on the quantity of the order.

Cremation Orbs:
I do take orders for cremation orbs, human or animal. 

Above is an example of a cremation orb I have created. These were the ashes of two of my beloved pets and I chose the colors for these orbs based on the color pattern they had in life.

What I would need for these orbs is about a dime size of ash per orb sent to my address, a list of color choices you would prefer for the orb, and a partial downpayment so I can rent studio space. The remainder of the bill will be due at the time of shipment.

I charge $50.00 per 2-3"x 2-3" solid orb (3 layers of glass).